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A dependable reservoir of economic energy is fed by a steady flow of funding from different kinds of sources: one time contributions; reoccurring pledges; grants; bequests; donations honoring particular individuals or occasions; etc. The number and diversity of sources through which volunteer energy flows in to us are also key to establishing and replenishing a reliable supply of it. Every bit of energy sent our way helps us fill and refill our reservoirs. Whatever the form or amount of the energy you give to support Karma Bob's Back Yard, whatever your reason for giving, we will receive the gift with respect and use it responsibly.

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* KBBY asks for your address to provide donation letters and thank you's to it's supporters.

No contribution in any of these forms is too small. Every bit of economic energy sent our way helps.

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In order to establish long term sustainability, Karma Bob's Backyard has two pressing immediate needs: a  steady, renewable supply of economic energy, and  many more pairs of volunteer hands to participate in the daily work of service to our resident animal kin.

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