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Support Comes in All Forms

Volunteer       Time


Providing the level of care and hospitality that we do for our resident kin is extraordinarily labor intensive, and any list of the tasks involved can only be partial. Most tasks are simple, but they often require a great deal of energy and focus, and sometimes strength. Also, the grounds at Karma Bob's Back Yard can be uneven and/or steep, creating extra challenges for some older people and some people with disabilities. Still, there are so many different types of tasks to be done (including some which can be done remotely) that we encourage and welcome anyone and everyone who would like to donate their labor to get in touch and find out if there is a task currently available that feels right to you; if there isn't one right away, please stay in contact with us: something that's just right will most likely turn up in the course of time. Here is a sample list of volunteer tasks:

- preparing and delivering daily meals and medicine for our animal kin;

- building, maintaining, and cleaning animal housing;

- grounds care;

- snow removal in winter; helping to prepare for and rebound from inclement weather, year round

- shopping for and transporting feed, hay, and vegetables

- ordering supplies online and keeping track of delivery schedules

- making appointments for veterinary care and grooming, and keeping a calendar of those appointments; providing medical and emergency transportation for animal kin

- recruiting volunteers and and coordinating their work

- other basic administrative and record keeping tasks

As with economic energy, the number and diversity of sources through which volunteer energy flows in to us are key to to establishing and replenishing a reliable and steady supply. Any donation of time, energy, and labor, from an hour up, is a significant contribution to Karma Bob's Backyard's viability and sustainability.


Volunteer       Skills


Donations of specialized skills and talents are just as necessary to Karma Bob's Backyard's survival and growth as contributions of financial resources and basic volunteer labor. For example, this whole website is the product of specialized volunteer labor: site design and construction; photography and other artwork; writing. And there's no guarantee that all the hands that have made this basic website be continuously available as it needs to be maintained, updated and expanded; if you have have any of the skills or talents relevant to these tasks, and are able to donate them, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Here's a list of other areas in which we anticipate needing specialized skills and talent over the next year:


- veterinary care; animal wellness; animal communication

- fundraising

- public relations and community outreach

-event planning


-performing arts

-Grant Writing


Actually, there are probably a lot of things we don't even  know we need yet, so if you feel that you have something to offer that isn't on the list, you're probably right! Please contact us and tell us how you want to help. As you can see from the kinds of specialized help we already know we want, we've begun to dream big about the kinds of programs we can offer, after we're secure in our ability to give our resident kin the very best care and hospitality, to better connect humans and animals. Come work and dream with us!

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