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There are many ways you can help change animals lives at KBBY. Listed below are some of the resources we offer to assist us in caring for these animals.

Thank you for helping.

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Donatable Items

Animal Feed/Bedding:

1st Cut Hay Square Bales

1st Cut Hay Round Bales

2nd Cut Hay Square Bales

Straw Bales - Bedding Quality

Wood Shavings Bales (Flake or Fine)

Bulk Wood Chips

Extreme Gourmet Pet Rabbit Food


Household Items:

Used Blankets and Towels

Cat Beds

Crate Liners

Wee Pads

Metal Water/Feed Dishes (Various Sizes)

Microfiber Towelettes

Paper Towels


Tools and Equipment:

Shrub Rake


Gift Cards/Certificates:

Tractor Supply Company

Agway Farm and Gardens


Resident in Spirit

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