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Generous Givings

Because our society values money, property, and power over characteristics and qualities that can't be measured, we are accustomed to think of generosity as something we do with our money or our material possessions. 


Some Buddhist teachings, however, suggest that generosity is, fundamentally, something we do with our hearts. These teachings have meant a lot to the folks who started Karma Bob's Backyard.


Specifically, these teachings tell us that the most pure and basic form of generosity is setting one's heart on fully realizing one's own loving, kind, compassionate, and wise True Nature in order to help others do the same, and dedicating one's life to attaining one's hearts desire.  When, as a result of this primary commitment, we give freely of our money, energy, time ,skills, talents, or possessions we are putting them where our hearts are.

If meeting us through this website has opened your heart to Karma Bob's Backyard, it's more than likely because you feel, as we do, that realizing one's own inner goodness is inseparable from giving our animal kin on Planet Earth the chance to realize theirs. You don't have to be a Buddhist, or any kind of spiritual practitioner, to feel this way; we all get there on different paths through our individual lived experience. If you share our feelings about animals, we invite you to join our community of kin and to consider giving generously from whatever resources you feel most able to share to support its continued viability and growth.

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